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Who's behind Graphics Fae ? What is Graphics Fae ?

Fanny, founder of Graphics Fae

Graduated in Graphic Communication and trained in Communication creation, I work as a Graphic Designer since 2011. I've been practicing this job in events and communication agencies and as a freelance, in France and abroad.
Drawing and painting are passions that I develop since my childhood. An essential tool to give shape to ideas, transmit messages, dive into the richness of the imagination. A tool that I use to create paintings but also to personalize your graphic supports.

Graphics Fae is therefore a meeting of communication and artistic creation, two passions, two skills, a chemistry of modern and traditional. Graphic Design and Art.

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In a nutshell,

Graphics Fae is two services

It is up to you to choose what you need. One or the other, or maybe a perfect blend of both. Click below to get directly to the proposed services.

Thoughtful designs

I mostly get my inspiration from nature. Symbolism and design psychology allow me to also enrich my creations, synthesise messages for simple and thoughtful visuals.

Symbolism is a celebration of correspondence, and thus of relation : each object, instead of be taken in isolation, in its literality, refers to another." Mona Cholet
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My assets



Creative ideas

Spoken languages

French, English, Spanish

A full palette of skills

Trained in various establishments (Formasup, lycée Jolimont, lycée Bourdelle) and with professionals (graphic designers, artists, web designers, commercials, events directors, programmers...), I can easily juggle between different techniques. And as we should not sit on our laurels, I keep learning and discovering new tools to enrich my skills.

Visual Communication

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign 87%

Graphic Design print 97%

Web Design 80%

Publicity 89%

WordPress 75%



Watercolor 95%

Acrylic 81%

Sketches 97%

Hyperrealism 88%

Caricatures 76%

Portraits 90%

My philosophy

Working with values

I like to work on projects defending values of ecology, humanity, solidarity, creativity or ethics. Be part of a better world seems important to me, thus supporting ideas that makes sense to me increases my motivation!

Alternative medicines practitioners, artists, artisans, local businesses, cultural event creators, restaurants, associations, freelancers, startups, and even more, you are welcome.

International availability

Thanks to internet, I can work remotely, so I don't have any borders. Wherever you are feel free to contact me, we will work safely.


To have a look to examples of my work, it's right here

Graphic Design


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Certified references on the freelancers platform Upwork (in english). You can also now find me on Malt (in french).

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