Painting - En vie


Painting 76 x 57 cm

Technique: Mixt (watercolor + Indian ink)

Large format painting, surrealist style.

Representation of the union with nature, itself represented by the feminine. Numerous symbols of fulfilment, rebirth and parallel universe.

Painting from the collection "Unidualitas" : A series of large format paintings on the theme of unity and duality. Symbolism, the place of the human being in nature, different perceptions of reality, emotions, are all questions raised by these works of art.

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Technique : Mixt (watercolor + indian ink)

Media: Watercolor paper

Size: 76 x 57 cm

Finishes: Original and signed artwork + Protective matt varnish + Certificate of authenticity

Subject: Surreal portrait of a double-eyed woman with plants growing out of her.

Ideal to decorate your home with a piece of art or to give as a gift. International delivery.

Delivered without frame.

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Dimensions 76 × 57 cm